Caitlin + Drew // Mountain Engagement

So excited to shoot Caitlin and Drew's engagement photos because we all know that those beach photos of them from last summer were hot, hot, hot! My favorite photos always end up being from sessions that I felt most comfortable at. These two are really great people who were down for anything! I even made them hike a little bit. 

We went to 3 locations but I didn't even post any from the first 2 locations because the last one trumped them all. I had never been to this outlook before, only heard about a trail in this spot and hoped that if we walked up a little bit, we would find a view. I had no idea I would find this slice of heaven! STUNNING. Although theres redwood-filled hills everywhere in my area, it's actually pretty hard to find a view like this due to most hilltops being privately owned. (Don't even get me started on how every field is fenced). Anyways, we blasted some music (Omen by Disclosure ft. Sam Smith is my jam right now) and took some pretty epic photos.


Caitlin + Drew // Bodega Bay

     Okay so these photos are all from the same night as the previous beach post with a bunch of friends. I stole Caitlin and Drew away to snap a photo of them but they turned into these gorgeous photos with delicious lighting. I couldn't help but make them their own mini-post because I am in love with how they turned out! It's amazing what can come out of 5 minutes of shooting. It's also definitely not hard to make Caitlin & Drew look good!