Adam + Brittany // Santa Rosa Wedding

     Brittany and Adam are seriously some of the most selfless and sweetest people I have ever met. From the little time I spent with them, I was blown away by their genuine love for each other. They truly are best friends first. Their wedding reflected just that. A beautiful backyard wedding in Santa Rosa seemed so perfect for them. The ceremony was just family members and others joined in for the reception afterwards. It was filled with wood-fired pizza (made on the spot!), homemade root beer, ice cream sandwiches, and so many small touches that make it a true family feel. They even handmade a lot of the wooden tables!

     When Adam and Brittany initially asked me to shoot her wedding, I kind of had a moment of panic. I had always wanted to photograph weddings but I had never done it on my own (I've only second-shot for a photographer). However, now the door was opening and I was pretty excited. It's strange that Brittany and I had never met before since we have tons of mutual friends and have probably been in the same room before in the past. I'm so, so thankful for their grace and patience for me in going through the process of shooting a wedding for the first time. It was a little nerve-wracking but I loved each and every minute of it. I also flew in (okay, drove) my trusty friend Ryan Moreno to be my second-shooter and I couldn't have done it without him!

I really am in love with these photos and I hope you enjoy and feel the love that made them come to life!