Daniel + Midian // Romantic Castle Wedding in Italy

First of all, I can't believe I'm actually writing this title for a blog post. Italian castle wedding?! What?! I went to Italy (from England) for literally less than 48 hours with 8 friends from England who were also attending the wedding. I was an abolsute blast and we spent the day before the wedding exploring Milan and eating pizza, tiramisu, and gelato until midnight...the only way to do Italy in my opinion. 

I've known Daniel since 2012 while working for the same non-profit in Hawaii. Since then, we've kept in contact and I recently spent 3 months living in England and working with him again. Him and Midian met in 2015 and since then it's been history! Daniel is English-Egyptian and Midian is Brazilian but spent the last few years of her life in Milan. So what a multi-cultural celebration! The whole wedding was translated from English into Portuguese, as well as many of the venue workers only speaking Italian. There were guests from over 7 nations attending! It was a wild day of language learning, love, and celebrating so many cultures coming together. 

Their ceremony and reception was at a castle in the small town of Piea, about 2 hours outside of Milan. Like a movie, right?! I couldn't believe the view I was seeing from every angle of this place. It was such an honor to photograph friends...one of my favorite things about this job!!