Ending Thoughts :: My 2015 Favorites

A new year approaching is always a weird feeling. It makes you look back on the year you just experienced and evaluate what just happened. Who you spent time with, what really hurt you, how you spent your money, the places that made you the happiest...it all comes up in a bubbling mess of nostalgia. Sometimes it washed over you like a pleasing aroma and sometimes it hits you in the face like a brick wall. Either way, it's good to recognize the consistencies that you are grateful for. Those are the things that ground us to who we are and where we are going.

For me, my consistency is what my mind has deemed as "beautiful" and has caused my hands to create through photography. Images cause us to feel many emotions, but my favorite is when a scene can cause you to hope. It's like the feeling of watching the sunset over an ocean and wondering what lies on the other wise of that body of water in front of you. There's a curiosity that makes your heart well up with joyful optimism. 

These are my favorite photos that I took in 2015. They bring me back to the beautiful moments that my eyes saw this year. I even see my growth as an artist as I look through them, and feel accomplished because of it. Thank you to all my gorgeous subjects who graced these photos with their presence! Excited for what 2016 brings me and hope you can all join along in this journey of finding beauty in everything.