Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii holds a special place in my heart. Growing up, I always loved the idea of living there and believed it would happen. Through a series of events, I ended up going to a missionary training school on the Big Island and living there for 2 years. It's the place where I experienced the goodness and faithfulness of God on such a deep level. So many great memories remain on this large piece of lava rock; from night swimming with manta rays to camping in the pouring rain to seeing tens of thousands of dollars raised for missions in the matter of an hour. Part of my heart resides in this place.

Back in July, when my friend Taren asked me to come second-shoot a wedding of our friend in Kona, I didn't hesitate to say yes. Of course, a tropical vacation in the dead of winter with one of my best friends sounded like a good idea! It's always interesting "vacationing" in a place where you used to live and work. I almost felt like I needed more of a purpose while I was there! But in that place, it's good to learn how to rest and enjoy where God has placed you in that moment.

We rented moped the first 3 days and cruised around town with our cameras strapped to our backs. We roamed up Hualalai (which my moped barely made it up the "steep" climb) and down to End of the World, which I once again did not jump off of. I'm such a chicken. That Saturday we geared up and photographed a beautiful island wedding (blog post about that coming later). But my favorite part was being able to hang out on the YWAM Kona base, catch up with old friends, go to Monday morning worship with the new quarter of students, and sit in the prayer room whenever I wanted to. It was a good time of seeing old friend and meeting new ones and God, yet again, moved in my heart to show me that he is faithful to complete what he has started in me. 

Here's some photos of our daily journeys. I wish I took more, but this is all I got, folks!