Kaela + Sol // Sonoma Valley Wedding

Although I was there to do video for the wedding, I couldn't help but snap some little detail shots of Kaela & Sol's stunning celebration. I'm a photographer at heart! I must say, this is probably the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to! My photographer guts were about to explode with beauty and creativity (is that a weird picture?). Arista Winery is a wonderful place and I will most definitely be going back there. Shout out to the friendly staff who were awesome!

I have never been to a wedding so full of this much love. Seriously. Not only did Kaela and Solomon make this day so personalized to who they are, but you could see the love that all the guests held for them as well. Maybe I'm just a softy but I could barely film all the speeches because I wanted to laugh and cry along with them. All of them were so heartfelt and made me love the bride & groom so much more! (Ya'll are super great!!)

Here's just a few shots. I wish there were a million more but those are all saved for the video! ;)