Music, Friends, & California Sunsets

      So I gathered a bunch of people for a little beach time filled with music, friends, and of course a spectacular sunset courtesy of California skies. Don't be fooled, Northern California beaches aren't always this dreamy. But I prayed on my drive over that it would be wind-less and fog-less and God sure did deliver! However, I drove to the wrong place (because I told everyone the wrong name of the beach I was thinking of) waited for people to arrive, and then ended up getting to the right place 30 minutes before sunset. Yeah. MY BAD. I was a little flustered by the time I got there so I sort of feel like these photos didn't turn out how I envisioned BUT they have their own personality. I really like the rawness of them. That's kind of like life doesn't always go as planned but sometimes the curveballs are what make you who you are and beauty is created.    

*Stay tuned for a PART 2 of this shoot featuring a gorgeous couple!