Lemon-Lavender Cake | Mimo Ahmed

     Until age 6, I was raised by my grandmother. She was a beautiful women inside and out. She was a very caring, giving, talented, and hard-working woman. I remember that she use to wake up everyday very early to make fresh bread for me and my sister. I always wanted to "help" in the kitchen. Every month we would make lots of bread that we would then handout to the homeless. Seeing them enjoy it was priceless. Even though I was very young, I think that's when I feel in love with baking.

     My move to the United States started when Kristen (my host sister) moved to Ethiopia to work as a missionary with Food For The Hungry. She lived with my family for some of her stay and we became really good friends. Kristen is a chocoholic, so we bonded through that. When her parents came to visit, they told me about a private school I could go to in Santa Rosa and that they would love to host me. I was so excited, to say the least, to move to Santa Rosa and study abroad.

     I don't know if you know this but African parents are known for having very high expectations for their children. If it was up to my family I would be either a doctor or a lawyer and going to an Ivy League. The funny thing is, I know I could do it if I put my heart to it and I would be very successful. However, at the end of the day, it's not about the money or the title. For me, it's about whether I enjoy going to work everyday or not. When I am baking, I do. I love it.

     To be honest my plan for the future changes all the time. Some days I want to open a bakery, some days I want to open a restaurant, and some days I want to work for Martha Stewart. What ever I do, I know I am going to bake and that's what makes me happy.

     I met Mimo about a month or two ago when she contacted me about collaborating for a photoshoot. I love her heart for baking and  she's super sweet and joyful. She is a woman who is brave, adventurous, full of passion, and goes with the flow of life. I highly recommend her delicious treats, too! (trust me, I tried it all)  

recipe: Lemon-Lavender Cake
For baking classes or orders, contact Mimo at abemnetnur@yahoo.com