Interstate 5

      On the way back from LA, we dropped a friend off at LAX and happened to be there at the time that a car drove through a terminal wall. After sitting in the airport traffic for 40 minutes, we drove by the accident and Ryan videoed what was going on. The only problem was that I sounded like a ridiculous California girl on the video, and he decided to post it to Instagram for laughs. Soon, news networks were commenting on the video asking if they could broadcast it. Seriously, at least 15 networks CNN, ABC, NBC) asked for permission. I'm so embarrassed by the way I sound, but it's way too hilarious not to share! We definitely joked about being famous for a split second ;) 

     To celebrate our new found fame, we stopped off at an exit right after the Grapevine for some food. Instead of finding In-N-Out, which we were looking for, we happened to find this beautiful open space with the sun setting over the hills. Perfect photo op. Not gonna lie, I did make Ryan model my backpack for me...we aren't that naturally adventurous looking, ha. Fun photo collab with friends. I love those spontaneous moment in golden light.