Thanks for stopping by my site! A little bit about myself...I'm a lifestyle and documentary photographer as well as graphic designer from the small town of Windsor, CA, in the heart of the wine country. I do believe it is the most beautiful place of California. I am a 27-year-old who has spent the last 6 years traveling around the world as a missionary connected with the organization Youth With a Mission (YWAM). I spent a couple months in Hawaii, Holland, the Amazon region of Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and a large portion in Barcelona, Spain. Traveling is in my heart and I currently spend my time between Hawaii and Northern California. 

The thing that drew me to photography is a desire to express the beauty I see to others. I feel like the smallest things in life can display the deepest emotions, feelings, and memories. I so believe in a world that is filled with hope and the freedom to dream the biggest dreams we possibly can. his is why I love to not only photograph people, but the details surrounding them as well. Life can be hard, but it is still so filled with a beauty that we can cling to. 

I hope my photos inspire you.
I hope they remind you that there is good in this world and that love is real.
I hope they push you to dream of the seemingly impossible things and see them come into reality.